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Registering a yacht under the Malta Flag is a straightforward process, particularly with the Maltese register being one of the top 10 registers in the world. A historically respectable maritime tradition, coupled with highly advantageous tax schemes and only minimal restrictions, make the Malta Flag experience a pleasant and swift process. The operating costs are also recognised as one of the lowest within the EU.

A yacht may be registered in the name of an individual or a corporate entity. Under Maltese law, the following persons qualify to own a vessel registered under the Malta flag:

a) Citizens of Malta;

b) A Maltese shipping company; or

c) An international owner being an EU national or a foreign company who has to appoint a resident agent in Malta. 


Provisional Registration

In order to obtain provisional registration of a yacht under the Malta flag, the following documents must be submitted to Transport Malta:

a) Power of attorney authorising us to act on your behalf in all matters relating to the registration of the yacht;

b) Application for registration (must include hull identification number);

c) Declaration of ownership which must be executed before the Registrar;

d) If the yacht is over 24 metres, the international tonnage certificate;

e) If the yacht is over 24 metres, the CE-Marking Certificate;

f) Confirmation of maximum number of persons onboard;

g) Payment of applicable fees.


Upon presentation of the requested documentation, the Registrar will release:

  1. The provisional certificate (valid for 6 months from the date of provisional registration);
  2. Provisional Radio Licence;
  3. Carving and Marking Note


Within one month from the date of provisional registration, the following list of documents must be submitted in order for the permanent registration to be processed:

  1. Deletion certificate from previous registry (if applicable);
  2. Carving and Marking Note (duly signed, stamped and dated by an authorised surveyor)
  3. Original Bill of Sale;
  4. Builders’ Certificate (if applicable);
  5. Certificate of Survey (International Tonnage Certificate must be included if the yacht of over 24 metres);
  6. Return of Provisional Certificate.


Upon submission of the above documentation, the yacht will be permanently registered under the Malta flag.